SirLady Records announces the 2nd annual NYC Indie Rock Launch at The Galapagos Art Space 8pm Thursday June 12th 2008. The show continues to honor leading independent artists from various rock genres alongside some of the most progressive companies in the industry.

Performers & Genres include:

Alternative/ Ambient Rock:
Blow Up Hollywood 8pm
Blow Up Hollywood's music has been featured in numerous movies and television shows including, "Body Of War" the PBS movie "Dreaming of Tibet" and "The Arkansas Gazette", Indie films, "Kiss Me Again" ( Tribeca Film Festival 2006) and "The Father Unblinking" ABC's show 20/20, NBC's show "ED" and in Harley Davidson 75 anniversary DVD. You can catch Blow Up Hollywood's video "WMD" on MTV Overdrive. Hundreds of radio stations both nationally and internationally have included Blow Up Hollywood's music in their rotation, Including the Nationally syndicated program "Echoes" which airs on 150 stations across the country and did an hour feature on the band. "Echoes also included Blow Up Hollywood on their yearly compilation CD of the best of in 2005 along side of Yo Yo MA, The Album Leaf, and Kai King. Blow Up Hollywood has been feature three years in a row on CMJ's compilation CD, and twice in Magnet Magazine. More recently Sire Records included Blow Up Hollywood on the "Body of War" Compilation CD along side Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Tom Waits, Tori Amos and John Lennon which was just released on March 18th 2008.

Sam Bisbee 8:45pm
"Singer, multi-instrumentalist Sam Bisbee may not yet be a household name... In the meantime, why not pick up his
sensational CD, 'high', so when you inevitably find yourself gushing about Bisbee's impeccable pop smarts and juicy hooks, you'll know what you're talking about." -- Jonathan Perry, Boston Globe. Writing/licensing credits include: 'Stay' to CVS commerical, Bucket Seat Licensed to GM, help produce and arrange a 'Cingular' commerical with Cat Power.

Folk Rock:
Rosewood Thieves, 9:30pm
The new record RISE & SHINE took only 12 days to record and with the music finished, the band made plans to return to California to mix with Thom Monahan. Their last trip there to mix Lonesome had proved successful for their music, however, not for singer/songwriter Erick Jordan, who began having intense panic attacks and couldn't get on the plane home to New York, which inspired the song off of Rise and Shine, "When My Plane Lands." Instead of flying to the west coast, the band packed their van up and headed across the country to Sacramento.On their way they hit many problems. When their van broke down in Effingham, IL for four days, they still managed to make the best of it, taking up bowling and visiting Lincoln's Log Cabin, petting llamas and even learning how to shoot bow and arrows with the help of a local hunting store. Back on the road they struggled with insomnia and snow storms, even sliding off of Route 80 in Wyoming, narrowly avoiding a collision with a fucking dump-truck, but finally made it to California safe. They mixed their record, played a few shows in Los Angeles, and headed all the way back to New York for mastering. Their single, "Los Angeles" has been on Entourage & Greys Anatomy

Kirsten DeHaan 10:15pm
In addition to hosting this year's event, DeHaan has stormed onto the indie music scene by releasing her debut album Conform under her own label SirLady Records in 2004. Being compared to U2 & Nirvana with a touch of Belly , Kirsten personally pushed her music to MTV , and over 150 radio stations in the first few months of its release. In addition to releasing her work, DeHaan hosts a weekly webcast in honor of the troops, and has created a series of music launches, entitled the New York Indie Rock Launch into New York City. The event is in honor of celebrating the city's influential urban rock scene while featuring herself alongside some of New York's top independent rock artists and promoters. Its clear that fans have also took notice of DeHaan's work and message, when she received more than 1 million downloads since 2006 alone. In turn, SirLady Records recently signed with Grooveshark, the up and coming p2p file sharing community that is leaving its fresh marks in the sand. Lastly, Platinum Blue- a product of My Music Science , a contemporary, digital analysis research company, tested Russian Roulette from her latest EP under the Richter Scale , and found its hit potential and rating quality in the same category of James Blunt's Beautiful , and Hey 'Ya , of Outkast.

Crunk Rock:
The Nillaz 11pm
New York City’s The Nillaz are Crunk Rock. The pioneers of a futuristic sound best described as a rugged mix of punk rock and crunk rap - imagine Lil’ Jon fused with Minor Threat or D4L twisted through Nirvana - The Nillaz are poised for a breakout year. Since their founding in 2003, The group, fronted by vocalists JaVa and Ill-On with musical prodigy Ethos Forbes leading the band, have harnessed the parallel energies of punk and crunk and flipped them into the first musical style to cross over from both sides. The Nillaz toured the nation in 2005 and 2006 on the Vans Warped Tours, and tore up showcases at CMJ in 2004 and 2006 and SxSW in 2005. Throughout their travels, they’ve shared the stage with a a multitude of acts including Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, My Chemical Romance, The Transplants, Run DMC, Spank Rock, Gogol Bordello, and Joan Jett. Addicts for the stage, The Nillaz have been known to up-stage their better known tour mates, and have developed a legion of Nillaz fans from around the world who come from far and wide to tear it up Nillaz Style. Though they produce most of their own music, The Nillaz have also collaborated with producers Megahertz (Nas, Busta Rhymes,) U.F. Low (Si*Se,) and the late Disco D (50 Cent, Trick Daddy.) Ferocious booth monsters known for turning recording sessions into a party, The Nillaz have a knack for taking any listener’s mind off of the boredom of everyday life and to the party with them Starting 2007 with a shotgun blast, The Nillaz are back in the studio recording the follow-up to their 2005 self-titled debut. ‘Fire it up and grab a 40, these boyz are out to destroy.’

Discrete Encounter 11:45pm
Rising stars on the NYC rock and dance scenes, Discrete Encounter released their latest rock/electronica CD "2B1" in March 2008. Renown in NYC for their engrossing live shows and striking stage presence, Discrete Encounter are a genre-blending fusion that embraces their influences yet maintain a unique and intriguing sound. "Discrete Encounter is a NY based trio (music duo + visual projection person) who play some kick-ass female-fronted aggro-electronica, or whatever else you might want to call a powerful mixture of electronic music with heavy scratching distorted metal guitar riffs: industrial metal? electro metal? It doesn't matter really, the point is, it is good and it is hard! Definitely right up the alley of fans of bands like Rammstein, Die Krupps, FLA, F242, Killing Joke, Strapping Young Lad, Oomph!, Clawfinger, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and so on and so forth." - Marc Urselli-Schaerer, Chain D.L.K.

DJLP: 1:30 - 4am
This turntable Princess from Paris will turn your groove
on with her uplifting and mind-blowing variety of slamming classy house, rock and soul music.

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Grooveshark was founded in 2006 by three University of Florida students determined to accomplish what the music industry couldn't - make purchasing music online easy, enjoyable and worthwhile. Grooveshark is a p2p file sharing community thats main goal is creating a marketplace where artists have more control over their music sales, and users can take advantage of the
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Brooklyn Indie Market has joined forces with the Launch and Kirsten DeHaan to bring the local music and fashion industries together in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Indie Market is a collective of fashion and product designers. BIM connects emerging designers, consumers, retail buyers, stylists, personal shoppers to the greater NYC area via traveling markets, fashion events, workshops and showcases. Located under the red and white striped tent on Smith & Union Street, BIM offers the public a first glimpse of the many new names in fashion and product design.

The Deli Magazine
The Deli Magazine is a daily updated website covering local music scenes (thus far: NYC, LA and SF). We also have a quarterly publication exclusively focused on the NYC independent music scene, meaning the bands and the artists that live in the Big Apple. The primary goal of The Deli is to expose local musical artists that have not yet reached a level of international fame yet: this is why all of our printed articles feature up and coming bands and singer-songwriters (while our websites also cover the most popular breakout bands) .The secondary goal is to inform and advise the NYC community of musicians on any other matter related to making music, from recording it to promoting it and performing it. You will find this kind of information in our Delicious Audio Blog and Listings section.

Galapagos Art Space - 8pm Thursday June 12, 2008 tix $12 at door

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